Poster Girl

It’s 1942. Cynical about her missing-in-action former lover’s patriotism, gossip columnist Jane Benjamin aims for a national byline, volunteering to find a picture-perfect Wendy-the-Welder poster girl; but when two top choices die, Jane must choose between personal ambition and service before the murderer kills another girl—and America’s best chance of winning the war.

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“Lively prose, enjoyably edgy dialogue, and a delightful, unconventional, feminist heroine add up to a captivating page-turner.”

Kirkus Reviews

“Fans of Tracy Chevalier and Kate Atkinson will love being immersed in the detail-driven historical atmosphere, while hard-boiled mystery fans will thoroughly enjoy being led by our whip-smart and street-savvy heroine through the maze of clues leading to a shocking final plot twist.”

Chicago Book Review, 5 stars

“Aficionados of historical fiction and the Jane Benjamin series will be delighted . . . The novel is an excellent read, with sympathetic characters and set in a place and time that leaps off the page.”

San Francisco Book Review, 5 stars

“Mirroring ongoing misogyny, racial discrimination, and economic challenges women continue to face today, Poster Girl takes readers behind the scenes to experience the toll exacted on women who dared to break molds in the 1940s. A five-star read. Highly recommended.”

—Ashley E. Sweeney, author of Hardland, Answer Creek, and Eliza Waite

“A cracking plot, exquisite detail, and grand cast of characters.”

—Catriona McPherson, author of In Place of Fear

“Jane Benjamin has come into her own in this third book of the series. A fast-paced story that had me turning pages long into the night. Highly recommend!”

—Michelle Cox, author of The Henrietta and Inspector Howard series

“A can’t-put-it-down kind of book . . . every moment perfectly crafted to keep the reader turning pages to the gripping end.”

—Laurie Buchanan, author of The Sean McPherson Series

“A high-wire, ripped-from-vintage-headlines series-ender.”

—Gretchen Cherington, author of The Butcher, the Embezzler, and the Fall Guy

“A historically accurate, action-packed adventure, making WWII era intrigue and sexual and racial discrimination feel contemporary.”

—Maren Cooper, author of Behind the Lies

“Casts an observant eye on the misogyny, racism, and classism of the time, allowing the reader to witness that not much has changed.”

—Mary Camarillo, author of The Lockhart Women

“A page-turner that delivers a strong message for our time: we must take care of each other. I absolutely loved this novel.”

—Debra Thomas, author of Luz

“Weaves challenging and timeless social issues into a story about people we grow to care about while maintaining tension and suspense—you won’t put this one down.”

—Anastasia Zeidek, author of Blurred Fates