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How is a twentieth century icon made?

POSTER GIRL–In a 1942 Liberty Shipyard, cynical gossip columnist Jane Benjamin joins FDR’s Office of War Information propaganda unit, aiming to replace big league gossip queen Hedda Hopper. Jane scours the shipyard for a picture perfect Wendy-the-Welder poster girl to boost ship production by coaxing women into the workforce. When two top candidates die on the job, Jane’s got to choose between personal ambition and service, before the murderer kills another woman welder and America’s best chance of winning the war.

POSTER GIRL is the third in the JANE BENJAMIN TRILOGY, following Jane from a 17 year old, tomato-picking, cross-dressing San Francisco wannabe reporter (COPY BOY), to an RMS Queen Mary stowaway aiming to land a gossip columnist gig (TOMBOY) before putting her morals and ambition to the test in the final book.

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