Poet Barbara Hamby’s “I Beseech Thee, O Yellow Pages” scratches an itch today. Thanks to my friend, author Amanda McTigue, for sharing it because she knows me so well.

I beseech thee, O Yellow Pages, help me find a number
for Barbara Stanwyck, because I need a tough broad
in my corner right now. She’ll pour me a tumbler
of scotch or gin and tell me to buck up, show me the rod
she has hidden in her lingerie drawer. She has a temper,
yeah, but her laugh could take the wax off a cherry red
Chevy. “Shoot him,” she’ll say merrily, then scamper
off to screw an insurance company out of another wad
of dough. I’ll be left holding the phone or worse, patsy
in another scheme, arrested by Edward G. Robinson
and sent to Sing Sing, while Barb lives like Gatsby
in Thailand or Tahiti, gambling the night away until the sun
rises in the east, because there are some things a girl can be sure of, like the morning coming after night’s inconsolable lure.

(Listen to Garrison Keillor read it for even more fun.)