My dear friend (and awesome librarian) Nora found this picture of Jane Benjamin’s two current books so near to the awesome Cara Black on a shelf at Bloomsbury Books in Ashland, Oregon–one of my favorite bookstores in one of my favorite towns.

What a treat to see it there. I know that over 70% of all books are now sold online. Yes, 70%. And that’s great. (I especially recommend for the way it gives back to indie bookstores, chosen by you.) But, in truth, I learned to love books in libraries and in tiny little bookshops. That love is all wound up with the emotions provoked in such places, the smells, the squeak of a wooden floorboard, the moan of an old chair in the corner. So, to see my books in an actual shop, owned by actual people, where actual shoppers can run their fingers over the spines, sit down with a pile to read the covers and first pages before making their choices… Well, it makes me happy. If you have children or grandchildren, please consider taking them to an actual bookstore or library, to let them be surrounded by the abundance of stories, to feel rich with the possibilities. To touch them.

Thanks to Nora, and thanks to Bloomsbury Books.