Tomboy has docked.
My personal order of real and truly-finished books has arrived early, like an inciting incident. A box landed on my porch, delivering the message–wake up, wake up, wake up! It’s time to get ready to launch!In traditional story structure, the inciting incident often causes a protagonist to dither a little–what shall I do, how shall I do it, should I hide under the bed instead?

Right on cue, this box arrived at the same time as a positive Covid test. So, that’s cool. Looks like I’m the protagonist now.

I expect to dither for a week or two, under the spell of Tylenol and Mucinex. (And the protection of four vaccine doses.) And then, in two weeks, I’ll begin the one-month countdown to Tomboy’s book launch, with all kinds of celebrations and giveaways for those of you who pre-order before publication day, June 28. Be sure to sign up for the emailed newsletters so you don’t miss a detail about events and giveaways.